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CityStudio is the way for your municipality
& academic institutions to collaborate every day.

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Partner Benefits

When CityStudios are established, everyone benefits.


“The CityStudio model has deepened the connections between La Trobe University and the City of Greater Bendigo through working together on some of the most pressing issues facing our city. By mobilizing student energy and creativity, it has sparked new possibilities for our city’s assets and communities; and demonstrated the potential of students as change agents. Being part of the global CityStudio Network allows us to learn from collective experiences in dialogue, design, and prototyping and provides the opportunity to cross-pollinate current and future project ideas.”
— CityStudio Bendigo
"The launch of CityStudio London last year was a huge breakthrough in our community. It has brought together seven anchor institutions of our community in co-creation. CityStudio Global is creating an exciting vision for what is possible through campus-city collaboration in London, cities across Canada, and the globe, as well as for what is possible through collaboration with one another across the CityStudio Network."
— CityStudio London
"It has always been a pleasure to work with City Studio, this term we experimented with the HelpSeeker Data for Abbotsford as well as Vancouver. Learning statistical skills is a part of the academic process but applying those skills to real-life data and deducing results and making recommendations out of it has always been the goal of the GEOG 252 class. I am really happy with this experiential learning process and the way students are making pre and post COVID assessments of the community data set and I hope that we are going to end up with some valuable posters, reports, and presentations that would be helpful for all the stakeholders involved."
— Professor at CityStudio Abbotsford — Academic Partner at CityStudio Abbotsford
“Launching CityStudio Abbotsford in partnership with the University of the Fraser Valley and, as a pilot project, with the Abbotsford School District, has been a highlight for the City of Abbotsford this year. With over 400 staff, students and faculty involved, we have been able to tap into the innovative and energetic spirit of our community to address some of our municipal challenges and to build a more sustainable and livable city. As a judge at each of our Hubbubs showcasing student projects, I have been impressed by the students’ ideas, their critical thinking and presentation skills as they tackled issues like reducing litter in parks, creating a sense of local community, engaging residents, increasing public art, enhancing public spaces, eradicating invasive species, balancing ecological diversity in a well used urban park, and developing a human powered charging station – just to name a few! ”
— Municipal Partner at CityStudio Abbotsford
“CityStudio encourages students to become more civically engaged, boosts innovation and drives a collaborative process that benefits everyone involved. It provides meaningful opportunities for my students to apply their skills with hands-on, real-time experiences that are directly integrated into their coursework. Students develop team-building competencies and professionalism that engage them in knowledge-creation, research, and analysis to creatively apply their skills to present real-world solutions to community challenges"
— Academic Partner at CityStudio Sault Ste. Marie
“In the short time since we joined the CityStudio Network, Durham Region has seen great value in having staff working alongside the students, staff and faculty of our post-secondary institutions to pilot new ideas and create solutions to the challenges facing our community. We already had great relationships with our post-secondary institutions, but CityStudio Durham has provided us with an amazing opportunity to formalize and expand on them.”
— CityStudio Durham
Municipal Governments

Municipal Governments

Support for Strategic areas and staff work plans
Attraction and retention of talent
Diversified and broadened community engagement
Low-risk experimentation and innovation


Experiential learning opportunities which are interesting and relevant
Civic awareness and connection to community
Practical skill development and experiences to enhance employability
Networking opportunities with professionals
Academic Institutions

Academic Institutions

Deepened relationship with the municipality
Provides relevant work-integrated and project learning opportunities for classes.
Enhanced reputation promoting attraction and retention of students
New local research opportunities
Creates an engaging and dedicated student community


New opportunities for citizen engagement
Inspiration from on-the-ground initiatives in local neighbourhoods
Opportunities for new civic partnerships
Moving the dial on community issues